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Dear Atlanta Branch Members:

I recently accepted the challenge of serving as your president for the 2016-2017 year, and I have been gratified at the support of directors, officers, and members.

It is indeed an interesting time to be a member of the English-Speaking Union. In 2015 we celebrated the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta and the 200th anniversary of Wellington's victory at Waterloo. This year, we observe the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charlotte Bronte. 

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News And Events

ESU Garden Party

The English-Speaking Union
Atlanta Branch

Cordially invites you to
A Garden Party
At the Residence of
Consul-General Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford

Wednesday, June 4, 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

We will be joined by TLab Scholar Emily Robinson and hear a recitation by Shakespeare Competition Winner , Marilyn Moore 

RSVP by June 10, 2017

Fee to offset costs of event 
$40 Members ~ $45 Guests

Make your check payable to The English-Speaking Union.
Send your check to Charles Maddrey at:
5605 Whitner Drive, NW - Atlanta, GA 30327-4746


Click here to register via PayPal

Call: (404) 257-9117 


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May 4 Member Meeting

The program chairman, Carolyn Mitchell, introduced the speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Dowling (both pictured left), who is an architectural historian and has several books on the subject to her credit. She taught architecture at Georgia Tech for 37 years, Dr. Dowling gave a slide presentation depicting the very beginning of classic Greek and Roman architecture and how it influenced architecture through the centuries,  Classical architecture began to decline in England when it became too expensive to design and build structures, especially after the world wars.  Fortunately, during the late 80's a resurgence of interest in the preservation of classical design began to immerge in the U.S. and England by architects like Jon Simpson, Quinlan Terry, Craig Hamilton and even a local Atlanta architect, Norman Askins. Universities began to offer classes on classic design.   Prince Charles was instrumental in expressing the need to bring back classicism as opposed to the ultra-modern offerings that have been erected in London in recent years.  Dr. Dowling showed us some buildings in London that were built recently in the classic style.  The same is going in the United States.


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2017 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting that was called to order by Wesley Devoto, OBE,  Chairman of the Board.  First order of business was the presentation of the slate of officers and board members by the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Grace Sanders, to be voted on by the membership.  The Nominating Committee had worked hard to put together an excellent roster of candidates.  A vote was called for to approve the nominees, and they were approved unanimously. A listing of the new Board can be found on the "About Us" page of this website.

Some committee chairpersons gave reports on the activities of the past year, and the President, Don Pattillo, talked about the achievements and changes that had gone on during the last 12 months in addition to his vision for the future of our branch.  The Treasurer, Charles Maddrey, gave us his report on the finances of our branch which is in very good condition.  Thanks to the generosity of our members, we were able to give a $5,000 scholarship plus airfare to our current TLAB recipient who will attend Oxford over this summer.


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Luncheon and a Presentation by Louise Blais Consul General of Canada “The Elephant and the Mouse: U.S. and Canada Relations”


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February 23 Member Meeting

Thomas McElhinny was featured as the ESU speaker at the February 23, 2017 Member meeting. His presentation was on the history of the French and Indian War in America which was ignited by the actions of a very young George Washington. The confrontation subsequently became a worldwide conflict known in history as the Seven Years War, which Winston Churchill described as "the first world war".  England's defeat of the French brought an end to the French Empire in North America.  This defeat gave England a clear path to controlling the new world and destroyed the ability of native peoples to resist the expansion of Anglo-American settlements in North America.


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