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Dear Atlanta Branch Members, Patrons, and Contributors:

Once again, I am pleased to announced that your officers and directors have completing all legal requirements for the Atlanta Branch. We have paid taxes, completed the Fraud Questionnaire, submitted the Federal Form 990, and submitted all audit documentation to the New York headquarters on time. We are in good standing in all matters.

There are still operating details to be resolved between the Branch and the New York office, particularly with regard to finances. New York reports that it is seriously underfunded in certain areas, and is proposing that the Branch undertake more financial support of the Shakespeare Competition. We are actively working on these matters. We are still considering certain details of the Strategic Plan, which was developed without sufficient consultation with branches around the country. There is also a new Capital Campaign in connection with the ESU Centennial coming in 2020. You will be hearing more about it.

Your officers and directors have worked through the Summer to position the Branch for our new year beginning on July 1. Most important is the membership renewal campaign. If you have yet to renew, please do so soon. Our modest dues are helpful with the operating budget of the Branch, but real sustainability comes with the additional contributions of Patron and Contributor status. If you have not done so previously, upgrade to Patron or Contributor status. In addition to helping the Branch, there are special benefits both locally and internationally.

Our first program for the new year is scheduled for Thursday, September 27, with a distinguished lecturer on Jane Austen. Watch for details. A major event will be the TLab speaker, Peter Gilliver, who is touring the United States and who will visit our Branch on November 10. This is not to be missed. Save the date. I still like our traditional goals of Education, Scholarship, and Understanding.

The ESU National Meeting is in New Orleans November 17-19. If you would like to attend and serve as a delegate, call me. I plan to attend. There will be a special reception for National Patrons on Sunday, November 19.

For our Members, new and old, I ask four things:

  1. Attend and participate. Our programs offer variety, and lead to opportunities to interact with other organizations and their events.
  2. Financial support. Again, a financially strong Branch depends entirely on the Members. As you know, all donations are fully tax-deductible.
  3. Serve. As I have said before, it has been gratifying that so many are willing and able to work on ESU committees and programs. At times, however, it has been difficult to find Members to serve in certain functions. I have spoken with many of you frequently, of course, but please contact me if you wish to serve.  
  4. Bring a friend. As always, the most effective means of increasing membership is word of mouth.

Best regards,

Don Pattillo, President


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