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September 26, 2022

The Branch is off to a great start this fiscal year. Fay Selvage, our Program Chair, has some great speakers and events for us. We started off with a wonderful talk by Dr Robert Franklin at a luncheon at the Ansley Club on the 14 th . Dr. Franklin is a former Luard Scholar, former president of Morehouse College, and presently on the faculty at Emory's Candler School of Theology.

We have 2 programs in November, Christmas Party in December, and our favorite Dr. Patrick Allitt in January. Please review the information about these meetings on the left- hand side of this website.

Our Grants Chair, David Robichaud, arranged for 2 students from Oglethorpe University to attend school sessions at Oxford University this fall on the Manning Pattillo, Jr scholarship program. He also is working on a grant to Spelman College for a 2-week school session in England in May.

Our Tlab Chair, Johnnie Zarzeka, selected Daniele Reed, a teacher at the Galloway School for a Branch supported summer session at Oxford University. We look forward to hearing from Danielle at one of our upcoming Member meetings.

The Branch Board recently elected Adam Ogburn as our Assistant Treasurer. He is in the process of updating our Branch website, and I urge all of you to refer to the site to keep up to date with many activities.

Our number one priority right now is increasing our Membership. You should have received by now renewal letters from the New York office. I urge you to respond in a positive fashion as the Branch only thrives with active Members. We have an enthusiastic Board and a number of involved Members. However, we need all of you to renew your Dues and/or Patron status. We have a great deal going on with our Branch, and we need your support.

Kind regards,

Charles Maddrey


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