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English Speaking Union’s Return to State College Welcomed at Foxdale Village

Hosted by Clovis and Marilyn Morrison, program directors at Foxdale Village, the English Speaking Union (ESU) Central Pennsylvania Branch returned from the Harrisburg area to State College, where it was founded in 1987.

An audience of 110 Foxdale residents and community members gathered for an evening of entertainment at 7:00 pm on Tuesday March 8, 2016. Karen Blair-Brand, Region III Chair opened the event with a brief explanation of the English Speaking Union's programs. She announced the success of Branch's 26th annual Shakespeare competition, and detailed the upcoming bus trip to Shippensburg on April 7th for the ESU's Wrench Speaker event. Karen recognized the more than a dozen ESU Region III Founding members who were present for the occasion, and announced that plans for a "Founders' Hall of Fame" were being formed to honor them.

Without further to do, Karen introduced the entertainment for the evening. The program entitled "Silhouettes', was a one woman fashion show featuring Bonnie M. Resinski and her black dress Without leaving the stage, Bonnie manipulated the dress, added accessories, and described the social, economic, and political pressures which shaped the fashion silhouettes from 1890-1990. (One has to see it to believe it). Resinski explained that the program binds the audience in "an energy of memory because the women remember wearing the clothes, and the men remember paying for them". Replete with fashion anecdotes men had told her, the program charmed all in the audience. Resinski is currently the ESU Central PA Region's Shakespeare Competition Coordinator, but has been presenting "Silhouettes" since she created it in 1983.

After the 45minute program, refreshments were served by Anne Volk, ESU Secretary, and Karen Blair-Brand. As audience members lingered for conversation, a convivial atmosphere prevailed.


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