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ESU Garden Party

ESU Garden Party
June 5, 2022

Dear Members and Prospective Members,

We must begin in gratitude for Bonnie Matheson, who not only opened her home and Loftlands Farm to us all, but she called up a spectacular day for us to enjoy the Branch's Annual AGM and Garden Party. We salute you, Bonnie! And, then flowed the President's Pimms Cup.

The hats were on display as one expects at a "propah" Garden Party. Well done ladies.

Many of the gents sported hats as well.


On the left below, newly minted Board member Cindy Ryan seen here enjoying her Pimm's. And getting the award for coming the farthest, Alex, son of Judy and Bob Smith, gave us his Key West smile, on right.

Welcome, below left, L to R, our newest members, Lynne Stockton and Carol Koenig. Below right, Michael McShane is seen here waxing eloquent about the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee, as he led us in a toast to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

The members were treated to a Shakespearean Sonnet and Monologue by Charlottesville High School's Roxanne (Roxie) Beebe-Center. No question she has presence and great acting ability which led her to a 2nd place finish in the ESU's National Shakespeare Competition, out of 16,000 contestants. Rock on Roxie!


Of course, the party wouldn't have been a party without the generosity of the Hospitality Committee, led by the Chair, Melodie Hagspiel. Members contributed potables and beautiful edibles as is self-evident by an abundance of delicious dishes on this laden table. 

Below left, another new Board member, Gary Greene is pictured with his lovely wife, Boo. Below right, pretty Pam Calary is seen here propping up her husband William, who, if not in his cups, is enjoying another round of the Pimm's Cup. Just kidding.

I would be remiss if we did not thank Branch Photographer Skye O'Donnell, whose pictures we see here. Well done Skye!

I thank you all for coming and helping to make the Queen's Jubilee celebration so special.
Remember to rejoin beginning in July (April-June new members exempted). You will be receiving a letter from National later this month which will include my Appeal Letter to you all and a schedule of the coming Program Year's events.

Enjoy your summer in good health.

Happy days aye. Phil
Dr. Henry P. Williams III - Branch President and Cruise Director


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