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June 24, 2018  
Annual meeting for current members of the Cleveland Branch at Shaker Heights Country Club.   11 am.

June 29, 2018
All-City Shakespeare Festival at Acacia Reservation to support the 2019 Shakespeare Competition.  6 to 10 pm. 

Our Scholar in Scotland! 

Lisa Ortenzi highlighted her studies at the University of Edinburgh for our members.  She is the Director of Education for Great Lakes Theater and is a vital partner in ESU's annual Shakespeare Competition.

Last summer, Lisa was our scholarship representative in the Teachers Learning Abroad program. "The school gave us a list of 18 books to read before we arrived!" said Lisa. "All about societal changes and theatrical expression. Important ideas and very intensive for our class of international students. Also some assignments were to participate in the International Film & Theater Festival in the city. Whew! Fun!" Later, Lisa found time to visit Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London. "We came home with sooo many good ideas! Thank you!!" 

Annually Lisa's department amplifies the theatrical education of 15,000 students in Northeast Ohio. This includes providing tickets to Playhouse Square, in-school workshops, helping to manage ESU's Shakespeare Competition, producing free Shakespeare-in-the-park programs and offering summer theater camps. She is helping to produce ESU's gala presentation of Romeo & Juliet for the All-City Shakespeare Festival!  Bravo, Lisa! 

International classes are the best.

Theater Festival performances were in theaters, restaurants and on the street all week.
Two more Teachers Will Study in Great Britain 
This summer two Cleveland Branch teachers will study in Great Britain through the Teachers Learning Abroad program. 

Channelle Harris, teaching-artist at Great Lakes Theater, will attend the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Khaki Hermann, a teacher at Hathaway Brown School, will attend the British University's program at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London. 
Our Teachers Abroad Through ESU: 
Lucille Alstine, retired  
Anne Hasenohrl, Westlake High School  
Kevin Hascher, Berea-Midpark High School 
Gay Janis,Gilmour Academy  
Teresa Lee Jenkins,Lake Ridge Academy 
Cassie Lucas,Brunswick High School 
Christine McBurney,Shaker Heights High School 
Lisa Ortenzi, Great Lakes Theater 
Rebecca Papakonstantinou,Berea-Midpark High School  

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