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ESU Launches New Immigrant Center

The English-Speaking Union of the United States announces the launch of the Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center, a program committed to improving the lives of recent immigrants.  Named for Andrew Romay, program visionary and benefactor, the New Immigrant Center is committed to providing a welcoming environment, resources and information to help Center members improve their English, explore work and study opportunities, network, pursue citizenship, and acquire cultural fluency in order to participate fully in American society.  Major funding is also provided by the Foundation to Promote Open Society.

The Center serves legal permanent residents who intend to seek US citizenship.  In addition to serving as a welcoming, nurturing, home-like environment for newcomers from around the globe, the Center provides members with:

  • ENGLISH IN ACTION: one-on-one English conversation sessions
  • WORKSHOPS: practical assistance for survival skills and work readiness
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE "TUNE-UP" CLASSES: pronunciation, writing, and business English
  • ESL BOOTCAMP: three-week intensive English classes
  • CULTURAL INTEREST PROGRAMS: lectures, films and networking
  • CITY AS LABORATORY: excursions and monthly field trips to sites in New York City, Albany and Washington, DC

Located in the ESU house in Manhattan, the Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center is open Monday through Saturday.  Membership and programs are free for the first year for all accepted applicants.  They must have been in the US for no more than two years, have basic English-speaking ability and be able to demonstrate financial need.  Graduates of basic and intermediate ESL programs are encouraged to apply.  Applications are available online at

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