English in Action: The English-Speaking Union


Join us for a viewing of "The Underpants"

Join the ESU for a pre-theater wine-and-cheese reception followed by a performance of The Amateur Comedy Club production of "The Underpants" by Steve Martin. 

It's Germany just 100 years ago. While Theobald Maske's wife is observing the parade of the king, her bloomers drop to her ankles—this could happen to anyone! What's a sensible woman to do? She bends over and pulls them up. The play begins when she returns home. Theo, a bureaucrat on the rise, is mortified—his new bride's pesky undergarments may be his career undoing. To further complicate the matter, they've not been getting any responses to their "Room for Rent" notice. This all changes as her hidden delights prompt a procession of prospective roomies competing to apply.

We will gather for the reception between 6:00 and 6:30 pm and walk over as a group to The Amateur Comedy Club at 7:15 pm for an 8:00 pm curtain.

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