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Basket of Hope: Finding Success Beyond Setbacks

Wednesday, April 7 from 4:00-5:00 PM (EDT)
Dr. Gideon For-mukwai

Every single journey is full of pitfalls, downfalls, and windfalls. The key to success lies in looking beyond the setbacks and downfalls. More importantly, it lies in looking deeper into ourselves to unwrap the dreams ingrained in our personal fabric. Looking outside is useful, however, looking inside is masterful. Everyone is born with a gift that can be harnessed to serve the world. Unfortunately, we overly fixate on what lies outside, at the expense of our innate endowments, however flawed. This is a both a tragedy and travesty because by focusing on the "hardware," we undermine the "software" that makes the software to come alive. This talk will introspect and reflect on some setbacks and comebacks on a journey from Africa to Asia and America. It looks at the human experience through the lens of Dr. For-mukwai's African, British, French, Chinese and American cultural interconnections and heritage. 

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Dr. Gideon For-mukwai, Ed.D, CEM Gideon is an award-winning
speaker and bestselling author of "The Science of Story Selling," an Amazon 2015 Bestseller in three categories. His storytelling projects have been featured in The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Select Journal, The Daily Astorian in Oregon, as well as other broadcast media in Singapore, South Africa, Namibia and France. Over the last 15 years, he has presented training programs for executives from organizations such as U.S. Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, Morrison University, Sierra Arts Foundation, Shell Eastern Petroleum, Singapore Armed Forces, Society of Engineers, and the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC). Gideon is the creator of the Story DNA Method, a method that combines the art of storytelling with the brain science of trust and memory formation. Since 2008, he has coached, consulted, and trained hundreds of executives and business owners in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Kurdistan, Germany, Canada, South Africa. He works part-time as a corporate trainer specializing in leadership and communication topics. Before the arrival of COVID 19, he had presented in 31 states across the United States and 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe. As a little boy growing up in Africa, Gideon was very mischievous. Every day, he got into trouble at school, church and literally everywhere. Everyone in his village predicted that he will end up in big trouble. Well, he ended up in Portland, Oregon. Dr. G. For-mukwai owes a lot to his mother, mentors and many people of goodwill in many countries.

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