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Branch FAQs

Our Branch is thinking about participating in the Competition. What do we have to do?
We just registered our Branch for the Competition.  What do we do now?
  • Get the word out to your local schools asap.  Email is the most convenient way to contact teachers and schools about the Competition.  Send multiple mailings: repetitive invitations yield maximum participation. 
  • Post the news on your Branch's own website.  This is where most people look for information about your local program, so it is essential that your site is up-to-date. Remember to include any local details and deadlines as well as your Branch Competition Coordinator's contact information. 
How do we register schools for the program?  
  • Update the Sample Memo to Teachers with your Branch-specific information (including your Branch Competition Coordinator's contact information).  
  • Send schools an initial mailing in Late Summer/Early Fall. Also post information to your Branch's own website. Continue to send out until your Branch's participation deadline for schools passes. 
  • Collect School Participation Forms from participating schools and confirm their receipt with the school's Competition contact(s).  Note:  These electronic forms will be sent to you via email from the Manager of Shakespeare Education Programs. 
We just received a registration for a school for the Competition.  What do we do now?
  • Write them an email stating the details of your Branch Competition. Be sure to include the date, time, location (full address) and any other necessary details.  Also post this information to your Branch's website. 
  • Include links to the School Winner Entry Form and Photo Release Form.  Request that the school fill these forms out prior to your Branch Competition. 
  • Request any additional details the Branch needs from the teachers for the Branch Competition (such as the copies of the student's monologue and sonnet).

Our Regional Branch Competition is fast approaching.  What do we need from each competing student?

What else do we have to do to prepare for our Regional Branch Competition?
  • Recruit judges from your community and send them judging information (Judge Handbook).
  • Buy/solicit prizes for contestants and teachers.
  • Compile and print Prompt Book (complete monologues and sonnets for each student) and Scoring Books (one for each of your judges). 
  • Create a program for Branch Competition (with acknowledgment for any donors) and participation certificates for contestants and teachers.  
    Note:  We have template certificates available online.
We just held our Regional Branch Competition.  What do we do now?
  • Supply the Branch Winner with the Branch Winner's Information Sheet.  
  • Complete the Branch Winner Entry Form by March 7, 2016.
  • Include with this form full text copies of your winner's monologue and sonnet to ESU National Headquarters. The deadline to send this information to ESU Education is March 7, 2016.

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