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Branch Publicity & Promotion

You must have permission from the students(s) and their parents (if under 18 years of age) to use, post or distribute their still or moving image(s).  Permission can be given via the Photo Release Form. 


Promote the Program to Local Teachers/Schools:

  • Post Competition information on your Branch's website (and keep it up-to-date). 
  • Visit schools and talk about the program at school/department meetings.
  • Attend teacher conferences in your local area and distribute Competition materials.
  • Identify educator and arts organizations in your area. Encourage them to forward Competition information to their teacher contacts.
  • Encourage schools to post Competition information on their website as well as in their newsletters and school papers.

Promote the Program to Your Community:

  • Suggest schools announce their school competition winner(s) on their school website, newsletter and/or TV show.
  • Ask the local Board of Education to include details of the Branch Competition on their website, newsletter, etc. Encourage them to announce the program at local meetings.
  • Contact your local newspaper and/or radio and invite a reporter (usually in the Life/Style, Arts and City/Metro divisions) to attend the Branch competition.  
  • Post flyers at various locations in the community (libraries, bookstores, art centers, etc.)

Celebrate Your ESU Branch Competition:

  • Send a press release and photos to local media outlets (radio, newspaper, television, etc.) Highlight any stories unique to your Branch Competition.  
  • Post results, photos and videos of the Competition on your own ESU Branch website.
  • Encourage members and participating students and teachers to post about the Competition on social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, their blogs, etc.).
  • Invite contestants to perform for members/donors at other ESU events.
  • Encourage Branch winner to perform winning selections at other community events/locations (such as Shakespeare festivals, libraries, public spaces, etc.).
  • Send any coverage as well as photos and videos to ESU National Headquarters (for posting online).

Celebrate Your National Contestant:

  • Send the national press release about your Branch winner (compiled by ESU National Headquarters) to their school and any local media outlets (radio, newspaper, television, etc.)
  • Post this press release and any accompanying photos and videos on your Branch's own website.
  • Encourage this student to write a brief essay about their experience in New York City.  Post it on your Branch's website.

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