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Study Abroad for Teachers - TLab

Thanks to our Branches -- their dedicated members, leaders and donors who provide over $140,000 in scholarship funds annually – we positively impact nearly 50 teachers and over 5,000 students nationwide each year.

Below is the information required to implement a TLab Fellowship program in your community:

How do we apply to participate this year?

Please register your branch using the 2019 TLab Branch Participation Form.  You will need to provide your application deadline, scheduled interview date, and the amount of your scholarship(s) in order to complete this form.

How does the TLab Scholarship Program work?
Review the 2019 TLab Branch Handbook for all pertinent information.

Encourage teachers in your community to apply for the scholarship! 
Edit the 2019 Sample Memo to Teachers and share with local school administrators, department of education, etc.

When interviewing scholars for summer 2018, they must complete the 2019 Branch TLab Photo Release Form (coming soon) especially if you plan on photographing the scholars at a Branch event.

What do we do once we have selected our scholar?

Complete the 2019 TLab Branch Scholar Entry Form (coming soon) to file the scholar's information with ESU National.  Then direct your scholar to apply for their program.