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Membership Benefits

National Benefits:

  • Participation in volunteer experiences that make a difference in the lives of worthy students and teachers.
  • Invitations to gatherings of cultural significance such as speaker events, art exhibits and food/wine tastings.
  • A chance to provide at-home hospitality for scholars and speakers from abroad.  Get to know your global neighbors in your own home.
  • Opportunities to travel and attend Regional, National and International Conferences where you can meet other ESU members from around the world.
  • Use of the Library at ESU National Headquarters in New York.
  • Theater and restaurant discounts in London and retail discounts in the UK and on the web.
  • The enjoyment of privileges at ESU of the Commonwealth Headquarters, Dartmouth House, and discounted rates at the Chesterfield and other Mayfair hotels in London.  Discounted lodging at the Royal Over-Seas League and Edinburgh Overseas House in Edinburgh.

International Benefits:

ESUUS Members are given dining and lodging privileges at exclusive restaurants, hotels and clubs in London and Edinburgh.  To view the full list of National and International Membership Benefits: Download PDF

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