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We were thrilled in April to learn that a piece of writing by ARNIC member Maddalena Maltese had been selected for publication in Volume 17 of The Literacy Review. Published by the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study, The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Being featured is quite the honor. Although more than 350 students submitted work for consideration, only 77 pieces were selected to appear in this year's volume.

On May 17, Maddalena and the other selected writers attended a ceremony at NYU that included readings by some of the authors. Maddalena's piece is titled "Passion or Obsession?" She originally wrote it as part of the ARNIC Writing Skills class taught by Angela Wilkins. Each student in this class spends a few weeks writing and editing his or her own story of coming to the United States. You can read "Passion or Obsession" (and the other works) for yourself here.  

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