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Announcing: The 2020 ESU National Shakespeare Competition Finalists

The moment you've waited for is here!

Before we announce the finalists, we would like to thank each and every one of our participating ESU branches and their coordinators for their tireless support of this competition. We congratulate every teacher and family member who helped a student participate. We thank you, our students, for brightening our days by sharing your love of Shakespeare with us all.

Please join us in congratulating the ten 2020 ESU National Shakespeare Competition finalists (in order of performance):

7. Jordyn Jenkins, Kentucky Branch

18. Julia Kolinski, Monmouth County Branch

20. Max Mester, Philadelphia Branch

25. Ava Blum, Washington D.C. Branch

29. Hayden Mays, Austin Branch

35. Sofie Berg, Denver Branch

37. Adina Cazacu De Luca, St. Louis Branch

40. Adam Wilson, Charlottesville Branch

45. Kaia Williams, Memphis Branch

47. Sheridan Mirador, Kansas City Branch

Information about the finals will be sent out next week to finalists, their parents, teachers and Branch Coordinators.

Information about how to watch the finals will also be announced next week.

NEW! People's Choice Award

Let's keep the fun going and support all of our branch champions by voting for the People's Choice Award. All videos are still eligible and voting is open to everyone, not just ESU members. Get your friends, neighbors, and relatives involved. Text "NSC" and the number of your favorite performance on YouTube to 212-818-1200 (ex. NSC57). (Please do not call in; your vote will not count and your call will not be returned.) Voting closes at midnight EST on April 23rd. Thousands of votes have already come in from as far as Brazil, Austria, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Spread some much-needed good news in your community and share the talents of our amazing branch champions!

NEW! Teacher Recognition Award

This year, the ESU is continuing its tradition of supporting classroom teachers by instituting the Teacher Recognition Award. The classroom teacher of the first place winner of the ESU National Shakespeare Competition will receive a $1000 cash prize. The ESU is committed to honoring the dedication and commitment of the teachers within our communities, and the contributions they make towards their students' achievement. Our teachers are the foundation of our educational programs!

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