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Ali Cohen from Arizona competed in the IPSC Grand Final round in London

2018 IPSC Finalists in London

"The only difference between these two girls--in fact, the only difference between girls like myself and the 60 million uneducated girls around the world is chance."

These words were spoken today in London by Chandler, Arizona high school junior Ali Cohen as part of her speech, Many Worlds Apart at the Grand Final of the ESU International Public Speaking Competition at Dartmouth House today.

Ali (third from right in the front row) used her platform to urge those who have power and influence to be a conduit for uneducated girls around the world in their fight for education, opportunity and equality. 

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(Ali Cohen's speech is at 1:21:00)

Ali Cohen

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After winning the US National Qualifying Round and the US National Finals, Ali Cohen was named the American Delegate for the IPSC and traveled to London to compete against other national finalists from around the world.

In the Grand Final round, Ali competed against fellow students from China, Lebanon, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong and Estonia.

IPSC Grand Final Program

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