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TLab Scholars head to the UK on professional development scholarships

TLab Scholars at Oxford

This summer, TLab is sending teachers from throughout the country to study at some of the world's finest institutions of higher learning. Why? To enrich the education of teachers so that they, in turn, can share their enhanced knowledge and experiences with their students.

The ESU has always valued teachers and education. Since 1957, we've sent thousands of teachers abroad each summer to enroll in professional development courses at the University of Edinburgh, The University of Oxford and Shakespeare's Globe.

2018 TLab Scholars

  • 23 ESU branches providing scholarships
  • 39 scholarships awarded to teachers
  • 66 teachers studying in the UK
  • 1,000+ students impacted each year by TLab
  • $200,000 raised by ESU branches for TLab scholarships

"It's been a whirlwind…. Yesterday morning I made it to Oxford and checked into my dormitory at Exeter College. I have so much more exploring to do. The people have been so friendly thus far and I'm thrilled to be here for the next three weeks studying." posted TLab Scholar Victoria Fischer from Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.

"Day one completed with @ESU_EIA T-Lab and I already have about 6 new teaching strategies ready for next semester. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!" tweeted Marissa Freese, TLab scholar from Naperville Central High School in Chicago, Illinois.

"I finally made it to London!!! I've officially started my three week Teaching Shakespeare through Performance program đź’™ This is only day two of the program and I already feel like I've learned so much!!!" tweeted Jennifer Gautier, TLab scholar from Lake Nona High School in Orlando, Florida.

Since 1957, through the ESU's exclusive partnerships, thousands of teachers have continued their education over the summer to acquire new teaching and learning strategies, unique experiences and renewed energy to be shared with their local students upon their return to the classroom in the fall.

Oxford logo20 TLab Scholars studying at the University of Oxford

At the University of Oxford, TLab scholars will enroll in English Literature; History, Politics, and Society; International Politics or Creative Writing courses through programs at Exeter College or St. Anthony College. Scholars are experience life as an Oxford scholar—learning among other graduate-level scholars within an historic academic community from internationally renowned lecturers.

University of Edinburgh20 TLab Scholars studying at the University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh's Scottish Universities International Summer Schools (SUISS) program, scholars enroll in programs such as Text and Context (featuring courses in Modernism, Contemporary or Scottish Literature); Creative Writing; and Theater and Performance. As students at the University of Edinburgh, TLab scholars are able to enjoy residential life within an energetic and eclectic city in the heart of Scotland and enjoy the festivities of Edinburgh's Fringe Festival, the world's largest arts festival spanning more than 25 days.

Shakespeare's Globe13 TLab Scholars enrolled at Shakespeare's Globe

At Shakespeare's Globe, situated Bankside in London, scholars participate in the Teaching Shakespeare through Performance course offered exclusively to American educators through the ESU. Teachers have the opportunity to perform on the Globe Theatre's stage, the world-leader in the education of Shakespeare's literature and contemporary presentation of his plays in a London campus centered around a replica of the 1500s Globe Theater, during their three-week intensive course. Through this program, educators are empowered with pedagogical tools and methods to bring Shakespeare to life for the students in their classrooms.

A total of 66 TLab scholars are participating in the program this year: 39 receiving scholarships, 27 independently funded and one TLab Giveaway Contest winner. Twenty three ESU branches participated this year in raising nearly $200,000 in funds to provide TLab scholarships to teachers from their local communities. The ESU branches that participated include Atlanta, Austin, Central Florida, Charlottesville, Cleveland, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Greenwich, Houston, Indianapolis, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Naples, New Orleans, New York City, Palm Beach, Princeton, Research Triangle, Richmond, Rochester, San Francisco, St. Louis and Washington, DC.

TLab Multiplier Effect

"Education is at the core of English in Action's mission. We believe in education's multiplying effect," said Christopher Broadwell, Executive Director. "By providing a single teacher a professional development opportunity, they pass on this new knowledge to hundreds—if not thousands—of students throughout their career."

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