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Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center

English in Action Expands to Include New Immigrant Center

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We are proud to announce that the ESU has been given a tremendous opportunity to expand our English in Action program and provide more services to recent immigrants on the path to American citizenship. The Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center (ARNIC) is named for the program's instigator and major supporter (pictured above). It will provide a diverse collection of educational, cultural and professional offerings tuition free to help immigrants in need improve their English, gain essential skills and cultural fluency, and develop networks they need to fully participate in American society and exercise the responsibilities of citizenship.

Since 1960, the English-Speaking Union's English in Action Program has continuously offered opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and friendship as tens of thousands of tutors and students have learned about each other's lives and customs.  Thanks to the generous service of our volunteers throughout the years, English in Action is recognized as an effective, professional ESL program in this city.

A highlight of the ARNIC program will be the opportunity for each of the participants to be a part of English in Action, to have access to the New York City volunteers who will help them navigate life in this new land.

Tanzilya Oren, who has been working in the New York immigration field for three years, has joined us as Manager of ARNIC. Karen Ruelle will continue to manage the English in Action program, in coordination with Tanzilya. 

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