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Luard Morse Scholarships

A Semester Abroad in England

The Luard Morse Scholarship provides up to $25,000 towards a semester of study at an English University to deserving students attending United Negro College Fund institutions, or Hampton and Howard Universities. The scholarship is open to sophomore students in all disciplines and has been awarded to students majoring in economics, philosophy, finance, mathematics, liberal arts and the sciences.

Luard Morse Scholarship Information Sheet

Since the inaugural 1969-70 academic year, 72 Luard Scholars have performed with distinction at 18 British universities, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, Nottingham University, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. They have served as ambassadors for the United States while abroad and for British higher education upon returning home.

2015-16 Luard Morse Scholarship Application materials now available: How to Apply


Rami Blair, a French major at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, has been named as the recipient of the ESU Luard Morse Scholarship.  The scholarship provides $25,000 towards a semester of study at an English University during the 2014-2015 academic year. Rami is attending the University of Nottingham for the Fall 2014 Semester.  READ FULL STORY


 "The opportunities I have been afforded have equipped me with skills and insight I need to excel at whatever I choose; go anywhere in the world I please; and communicate comfortably and confidently with people all over the globe."

-- Angel Rogers, 72nd Luard Morse Scholar