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Luard Morse Scholar Updates

2015-16 Luard Morse Scholar Laura Campbell's "Reflections from Across the Pond"

My Oxford experience provided me with the valuable exposure needed to make me globally competitive and increased my appreciation for the world's diverse peoples. My Neuroscience and Brain and Behavior tutorials equipped me with the confidence to speak with even the best neuroscientist. The challenges I faced to prove I was "Oxford smart" in my Physiology tutorials taught me that an unbeatable work ethic conquers all. Meanwhile, my Human Ecology tutorial influenced the way I plan to practice medicine in the future by inspiring me to become a physician that also uses foresight. At the end of both terms, I relished the fact that I truly earned every A mark I received.

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2016-17 Luard Morse Scholarship Recipients Announced

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2015-16 Luard Morse Scholars Pre-Departure Interviews

2015-16 ESU Luard Morse Scholars Allyson Carpenter and Laura Campbell on Heading to the University of Oxford

Laura Campbell

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