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Middle School Debate 2018-2019

279 middle school students from 6 states debated for a combined 6,900 minutes during the 2017-2018 English in Action Middle School Debate Championship Tournament.

Should reptiles be pets? Should the Olympics include video games? Should the US adopt a guaranteed minimum income level? These are some of the topics middle school students debated during the English in Action Middle School Debate Championship Tournament on May 5 in New York City.

33 schools from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and Colorado converged at the Nest +m public school to participate in the seventh annual tournament.

Rachel Carson Middle School from Herndon, Virginia won the final debate against The Dalton School from New York, New York.

Taking home the Top Speaker and coveted Golden Gavel awards was Jasmine Sanchez of West End Secondary School in New York, NY for earning top individual speaker points across all five rounds of debate.

Read the full story, complete with a full list of award winners here.

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