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Middle School Debate 2018-2019

ESU MSPDP Championship Tournament - East Coast

ESU MSPDP Championship Tournament - East Coast Information

Location: Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School
                498 Stillwells Corner Road
                Freehold Township, New Jersey 07728

Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Time: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

2017 MSPDP Championship Tournament Topics:

Topics are not listed in round order.

  • Restore Pluto's planetary status!

  • The Endangered Species Act does more harm than good.

  • A Constitutional Convention will do more good than harm.

  • The US should not modernize its nuclear weapons.

  • Teachers should receive substantially greater pay if they agree to give up tenure.

  • Congress should significantly increase the number of justices on the US Supreme Court.

Tournament Schedule

7:00 AM – 8:15 AM Arrival and Registration Verification (actual registration is by email prior to the event) –

8:15 AM Announcements

8:30 AM Round 1

10:00 AM Round 2

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Lunch

12:30 PM Round 3

2:15 PM Round 4

4:00 PM Round 5

5:30 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Awards & Grand Final Debate

8:00 PM Departure

Registration and Fees


The following MSPDP Leagues are eligible to participate in this Championship Tournament: Garden State Debate League, Jersey Shore Debate League, New York Debate League, and Nation's Capital Debate League. 

First Step: All League Presidents must first register their teams and judges with the Middle School Public Debate Program. Contact: Carol Losos - closos@esuus.org (Please put "MSPDP Championship" in the subject line.)

Debate coaches: please register your teams and judges with your league presidents.

Parents: No action required at this stage.

Second Step: Individual schools can complete the Championship Tournament - East Coast Registration Form once their bids have been accepted by the MSPDP. 

Only a teacher or school representative can register a team once the bid has been approved.


Each school must register 1 MSPDP-certified judge for each entered team. 

  • Only one registration form per school. 
  • Individual school teachers/coaches should organize and submit payment and meal registration (via credit card or check). 
  • Individual school tournament fee registration must match the league registration document. 
  • The deadline for registration is Tuesday April, 11.
Tournament and Registration Fees

This year's tournament fee is $125/debate team (i.e. if you send two teams, for a total of six students, the fee is $250). 


Lunch and dinner are available on tournament day at Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School only for debaters, coaches and judges. You must pay in advance for all meals*.
Lunch: $8/person
Dinner: $10/person 

*Please note that Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School will also have muffins, bagels, coffee, and tea in the morning, and snacks and bottled water for purchase on site the day of the tournament.

Schools may pay Tournament and Meals fees through PayPal or by check. Checks should be payable to "The English-Speaking Union of the United States".  You will receive meal tickets at check-in the day of the tournament.  Registration will be available soon.


Getting to Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School: Directions.

Parking: There is parking available at the school for all vehicles. 

Options for dining, lodging, and public transportation.