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Secondary School Exchange

Secondary School Exchange is one of the ESU's oldest education programs.  Founded in 1928, thousands of British and American students have enjoyed ESU fellowship and study abroad.

A "Gap Year" Abroad

The ESU Secondary School Exchange is a merit-based scholarship providing tuition, room and board for scholars to spend a semester or year between high school and college at a select British or Argentine boarding school. 

During this "extra" year of high school, these young scholars have new academic and social experiences in another country and culture.  Through this year abroad, the SSE scholars gain independence, a global outlook and increased maturity that benefit them at college and in their future careers.

SSE scholars describe their experience abroad as a most formative time in their lives, and many go on to become active alumni of their host schools and members of the English-Speaking Union.

To be eligible, American students must be enrolled in a participating school. 

Students:  Applications for 2016-17 are available now.

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Note:  Applicants to Argentina must be comfortable speaking and writing in Spanish on a daily basis.  The successful candidate will be offered a full scholarship for one term in Argentina.

Schools:  Forms for 2016-17 are available now.

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