The English-Speaking Union

Secondary School Exchange Scholarship

How to Apply

Calendar for SSE Scholarship Application & Notification for a 2022/23 Gap Year in the UK

August/September 2021:  SSE Applications open!

  • ESU sends participating schools Invitation to Apply.
  • SSE Applications & information posted on ESU website.
  • Submit the SSE Application.

December 2021:ESU sends interview materials to the SSE Committee Regional Chairs.

January 2022: SSE Applications Due Friday, January 14th

  • Students will submit completed SSE applications as 1 PDF by Monday, January 14th to their school SSE Coordinator or via email to Alice Uhl at 

February 1-10, 2022:  ESU Regional Chairs conduct interviews (in person or via Zoom/FaceTime).

February 22, 2022: ESU SSE Committee selects finalists and sends SSE application to the ESU UK for placement. Notifies SSE applicant of their status.

By early April 2022:  The ESU US notifies finalists and families of their placement.  A $2,000 non-refundable program fee is due to the ESU upon acceptance of placement.

Summer 2022:  Pre-departure orientation at the ESU in New York City or virtual TBA.

September 2022:  Students depart for UK.