English in Action: The English-Speaking Union

Secondary School Exchange

How to Apply

Calendar for SSE Application and Notification for a 2018-2019 Gap Year

September 2017:  ESU sends application forms program information to school coordinators.  All materials for students posted online.

December 2017:  ESU sends interview materials to SSE Committee Regional Chairs.

January 29, 2018:  Students submit applications directly to ESU (digital submissions only - PDF, Dropbox, or Google Drive to sse@esuus.org).  School Form is sent by referrer directly to ESU.  ESU forwards applications to appropriate Regional Chairs.

February 5-19, 2018:  ESU Regional Chairs interview candidates (in person or digitally).  Regional Chairs subsequently submit recommendations to the ESU.

Mid-March 2018:  ESU notifies finalists, alternate candidates, their schools, and families of the applicant's status.

Mid-April 2018:  ESU notifies successful students of placement in a British school.  A $2,000 non-refundable program fee from students is due to the ESU upon receipt of invoice.

June 2018:  Pre-departure orientation at the ESU in New York.

September 2018:  Students depart for the United Kingdom.

Resources and Application Materials 

 2018-2019 Secondary School Exchange Handbook

 2018-2019 Secondary School Exchange Application (all of these components constitute a complete application):  

 2018-2019 Secondary School Exchange Application Checklist