English in Action: The English-Speaking Union

National Shakespeare Competition

Past Winners

2017 National Winner:  
Ogechi Egonu (San Francisco)

With a performance of a sonnet and monologue from Shakespeare's OthelloOgechi Egonu from San Francisco, CA, a student of Jennifer Grimes at San Domenico School in San Anselmo, won the 34th annual English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition. The Competition took place on May 1, 2017 on the Mitzi Newhouse Theater stage at Lincoln Center in New York City with 54 semi-finalists from as many ESU Branch competitions nationwide. Ogechi previously won the ESU San Francisco competition.

Past Winners

Year Student Name ESU Branch Name
2016 Ari Dalbert Hawaii
2015 Sarah Spalding Hawaii
2014 Scott Van Wye Indianapolis
2013 Xavier Pacheco New York City
2012 Tiffany Ames Charlottesville
2011 Connor Lawhorn Hawaii
2010 John-Michael Lyles Dallas
2009 Talene Monahon Boston
2008 Bronwyn Reed Los Angeles
2007 Adam Brown Kentucky
2006 Anne Thompson Indianapolis 
2005 Eric Wilson Memphis
2004 Joe Sofranko Cincinnati 
2003 Natalie Kuhn  Los Angeles
2002 Alicia Collins  Nashville
2001 Katey Parker Central FL
2000 Anne Russell Portland
1999 Matt Harrington  San Diego
1998 Daniel Marmion Princeton
1997 Enrico Banson San Francisco
1996 Boise Owens Holmes Research Triangle NC
1995 Shannon Berry Monmouth County NJ
1994 Dannye (Tanisha) Thompson  Kansas City
1993 Toi Perkins Washington DC
1992 David Roche Kansas City
1991 Jeremy Richards Cleveland
1990 Shannon Emerick Dallas
1989 Anthony Braithwaite Philadelphia
1988 Victoria Wei Princeton