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National Shakespeare Competition

Publicity and Promotion

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must have permission from the students (s) and their parents (if under 18 years of age) to use, post or distribute their still or moving image(s).  Written permission can be given via the Photo Release Form. 


Promote the Program to Your Students and Colleagues:

  • Hand out the Competition postcard (posted on the right) and other Competition materials to your students.
  • Put this postcard up on bulletin boards throughout your school.
  • Mark your school calendar with the school-wide competition date.
  • Publicize the school-wide competition on your school website, newsletter and/or newspaper.
  • Bring up the Competition at your school/department meetings or informally talk to your colleagues.
  • Encourage your colleagues to forward Competition information to other teachers and distribute Competition materials to their students.

Promote the Program to Your Community:

  • Contact your local newspaper and/or radio station and invite a reporter (usually in the Life/Style, Arts and City/Metro divisions) to attend your school competition.

Celebrate Your Local Competition (at School):

  • Announce the school winners in the daily PA broadcast or at assemblies.
  • Post an article about the school-wide competition on your school website, newsletter and/or TV channel (if applicable).
  • Post photos and videos of the Competition on your school and district websites.

Celebrate Your Local Competition (in the Community):

  • Send a press release and photos to local media outlets (radio, newspaper, television, etc.)  Highlight any stories unique to your school competition.
  • Send any coverage as well as photos and videos to ESU National Headquarters (for posting online and/or use in publicity materials).
  • "Like" the ESU National Shakespeare Competition on our Facebook page.

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