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This page is the primary host of all current competition documents, forms, handbooks and other resources. If what you're looking for is not here, it may be forthcoming. 


40th Anniversary Family-Friendly Adult Package
Join our community of coordinators, members, teachers and participants' parents/families.

Kick-Off Cocktail Party – While the students check-in on Saturday, our community of adults gather to launch a weekend of Shakespeare fun and events leading up to the competition.
The Bards Birthday on Broadway – What better way to celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday than to join us on Sunday for a Broadway Show sponsored by the Denver Branch of the ESU
The Competition – On Monday, cheer on your Branch Champion as our young actors take the stage at Lincoln Center and bring Shakespeare alive.
Farewell Breakfast – Parting is such sweet sorrow as we close our competition on Tuesday by sharing a hearty breakfast with new friends.
Package price is $150.00 per person and includes all of the above. A parent/guardian accompanying and housing their child receives the package compliments of the ESU in thanks for supporting our efforts.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY! Spaces are limited and the form will be closed once availability has been exhausted. 


Click here for Customizable School Posters. Instructions available here


 Click here for the 2023 School Participation Form

2023 School Winner Form: Click Here

2023 Monologue and Sonnet Packets

2023 Monologue Packet 
2023 Sonnet Packet 


2023 Student Handbook 
2023 Teacher Handbook 
2023 Judge Handbook
2023 Branch Handbook 

Remote Competition Tool Kit for TeachersTurnkey strategies and exercises for remote, hybrid or in-classroom teaching!


2023 School Competition Fillable Certificates 
2023 Branch Competition Fillable Certificates 

Press Releases

2023 Branch Pre-Competition Press Release 
2023 Branch Post-Competition Press Release 

Photo Release

2023 Branch Competition Photo Release Form