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APPLICATIONS FOR Summer 2019 Will be available soon!

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Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance
July 12-30, 2019

Take your teaching of Shakespeare to another level. Go beyond the Bard's words on the page and discover Shakespeare in the context that brought his works to life. Our three-week summer course at Shakespeare's Globe is the best way to learn to teach Shakespeare. This invaluable experience will give you new perspectives that will elevate you as a teacher of Shakespeare.

This program is ideally suited for inquisitive, adventurous English Language Arts teachers willing to work outside their comfort zone.  Although participants engage with Shakespeare's work as texts to be performed, not simply read, "Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance" is not an acting program.  The course is delivered with the knowledge that ELA teachers may have training or experience with performance-based methods of teaching Shakespeare.  Applicants must be currently working as classroom teachers.

  • Read more on the Shakespeare's Globe website
  • The Provoked Wife, The Taming of the Shrew, As You Like It and Measure for Measure will be on the stage at the Globe this summer and will be studied by the group.
  • Review a schedule from summer 2017 for information on the structure of the course. 

Participant Videos

Watch this short video from Danielle Peck, a teacher inspired
by her experience studying with us at Shakespeare's Globe!


Program cost: $4,375

Includes tuition, accommodation, breakfast, and weekday dinners, as well as tickets to three Globe productions.

Program cost does not include travel, travel insurance, medical insurance, or any other incidentals.  Applicants must provide proof of overseas health insurance with application.



Click here to complete the 2019 TLab Scholarship Application!

Every year, the ESU provides nearly 50 scholarships for classroom teachers in their communities. ESU scholarships are for current classroom teachers attending our multi-week courses at Shakespeare's Globe, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Oxford.



This course incorporates approximately 100 contact hours of professional development.  To receive a certificate of attendance, teachers must "turnkey" their learning and lead a professional development seminar back in their school or district.



Deadline: TBD in Spring, 2019.

Application Instructions:

1.  Complete the 2019 TLab Application, coming soon.
2.  Compile your application materials:

  • Booking form (included in brochure)
  • Two letters of recommendation from professional contacts
  • Current CV
  • Proof of overseas health insurance (photo or scan of card)
  • One-page personal statement, detailing what you hope to gain from the course, how you hope it will affect your classroom practice and how you plan on disseminating the practice at your home institution

3. Submit your application. All applications should be submitted digitally.  *You may notice on the Globe application that it requests submission via email.  Submission via email is accepted, but submission via the forthcoming form is preferred.*


Refund Policy: Scholars will adhere to the Globe refund and cancellation policies.  ESU Branch Scholarship recipients will sign a contract with their Branch wherein they are required to repay the entire scholarship amount (concurrent with the Globe's refund and cancellation policies) if for any reason they must cancel their course of study or are unable to complete the course.

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