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Text and Context

  • Modernism (July 9-21, 2018)
  • Scottish Literature (July 23 - August 4, 2018)
  • Contemporary Literature (August 6-18, 2018)

 Creative Writing (July 9 - August 4, 2018)

Theater & Performance (August 6-18)

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Who should apply?

This is a competitive, intensive program, ideally suited for secondary school teachers.

Hear ESU TLab SUISS Scholars Michael Mezzo and Lindsey Wrin speak about their experiences in summer 2016.

Course Requirements

Text and Context and Theater & Performance course applications require two reference letters.  Creative Writing course applications require one reference letter as well as a writing sample.  See Scottish Universities' International Summer School application checklist for further details.

This program is comprised of rigorous, graduate-level seminars.  Participants must complete all preparatory reading, attend all seminars, and spend considerable time in the library (with your own Bodleian Library card!) to complete the required reading and research including a final paper of 2,000-3,000 words.  There is also preparatory reading that must be completed prior to program start.

Program Cost

Text and Context Course Options (Modules) Dates Cost
Modernism July 9-21 £1443
Scottish Literature July 23 - August 4 £1443
Contemporary Literature August 6-18 £1443
Two courses combined Dates vary £2778
Three courses combined July 9 - August 18 £4190
Creative Writing Course Options Dates Cost
Creative Writing July 9 - August 4 £1928
Creative Writing & Contemporary Literature July 9 - August 18 £2590
Creative Writing & Theater and Performance July 9 - August 18 £2919
Contemporary British and Irish Theater and Performance Dates Cost
Theater and Performance August 6-18 £1316
Scottish Literature & Theater and Performance July 23 - August 18 £2040
Modernism & Scottish Literature & Theater and Performance July 9 - August 18 £2735

Program cost includes accommodation in the Pollock Halls of Residence, University of Edinburgh, with breakfast and dinner at the Pollock Halls cafeteria.  Housing with en-suite accommodation is available at an additional cost.

Program cost does not include travel, travel insurance, medical insurance, additional meals, or incidentals.


Partial or full funding may be available from your local ESU Branch.  You may also explore further scholarship and grant resources in our fundraising guide

Refund Policy

Scholars will adhere to the SUISS refund and cancellation policies.  ESU Branch Scholarship recipients will sign a contract with their Branch wherein they are required to repay the entire scholarship amount (concurrent with SUISS's refund and cancellation policies) if for any reason they must cancel their course of study or are unable to complete the course.

Professional Development Contact Hours and Credit

  • Text and Context, 34 hours
  • Creative Writing, 60 hours
  • Theater and Performance, 30 hours 
  • All students who complete their course receive a certificate of attendance.  Credit is available for a modest fee, though not compulsory.  

Application Details

Review application guidelines and checklist here

Download applications for each program:

You do not need to submit a deposit as part of your application, but please note additional components the applications may require (letter of recommendation, passport photos, transcripts, writing sample)

Application Deadline

Applications must be emailed to the ESU ( by March 9, 2018.  Please send application as one attachment.

Scholarship candidates will have earlier deadlines to complete their scholarship applications prior to completing their applications to the SUISS programs.

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