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Study Abroad.  Return Home Inspired!

Teachers, educators, lifelong learners:  Study in the UK for an unforgettable educational experience!

Experience the famed campuses of England and Scotland where you will attend real classes with top professors at the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Immerse yourself in our short (one-week) and intensive (two to six-week courses) in English-language studies and explore the history while soaking up the culture for a truly complete learning experience.

TLab is an educational opportunity like no other.  Our exclusive partnerships give you the chance to study in true university courses with top professors from these hallowed institutions of higher learning.

If you are a teacher of English language, literature, drama, or history, these courses will elevate you as an educator.  Professional development credit is available for all courses, and scholarships are available for many courses.

If you are a curious lifelong learner or world explorer, you will find inspiration and new perspectives as you study with esteemed professors at the UK's most prestigious campuses, alongside students from around the world.

From fascinating classes to strolls in the picturesque streets and attending amazing cultural events, what you'll take away is priceless.  

Short Courses

These one-week TLab courses are for educators, life-long learners, and ESU members alike.  Information about cost can be found on the program pages and we invite participants who may be interested to consult this fundraising guide.

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust—
Stratford-upon-Avon (July 8-14, 2018)
These two- to six-week TLab courses are designed especially for educators, but all engaged learners are allowed to apply.  A competitive scholarship program is also offered by select ESU branches around the United States.  Learn more about being named and ESU TLab Scholar on this page.  More information about cost can be found on the program pages.

Shakespeare's Globe—London (July 2-20, 2018)

University of Oxford (July & August 2018) 

University of Edinburgh (July & August 2018)