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Annual Appeal

Please make a tax-deductible gift to the English in Action – the English-Speaking Union this holiday season.  Your contribution will help us to put "English in Action" to expand opportunity, foster intercultural understanding, and promote peace and inclusiveness.

Just this past year, gifts from our generous donors such as you benefitted 60,650 members, students, teachers, volunteers, life-long English learners, scholars and new immigrants – through cultural and educational experiences and support the ESU provides:

Please include the ESU in your year-end giving. Your support will have a real impact:

  • $50 will cover transportation for one needy immigrant to attend English classes
  • $100 will underwrite trophies for one of the ESU Middle School Debate leagues
  • $250 fund healthy snacks for the semi-finalists in the National Shakespeare Competition

Your gift is an investment in the lives of young people, teachers, immigrants and other members who, one by one will take their ESU experiences everywhere they go—enriching themselves and those around them.

With your support we will be able to keep English in Action.

With best regards,