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ESU Group Evening Concert

Two theatrical and musical giants in Kansas City presented a remarkable and unique concert—free to the public on Saturday, November 23, 2013. The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and The Bach Aria Soloists combined the evocative music of the great classic composers Bach, Vivaldi, Dowland and Handel with the poetry of the greatest playwright William Shakespeare.  This free concert united Bach Aria Soloists with the veteran actors from the highly acclaimed Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and the giants of music and literature.

Together, they performed some of the most beautiful works of the classical composers combined with the poetry of Shakespeare recited by the Festival's great actors.  It was an extraordinary program. 

There was a reception prior to the concert with light appetizers located in the main lobby of the Central Library in downtown Kansas City.  This was another great opportunity for members of the Kansas City Branch of the English-Speaking Union to support the Festival's programs.  

Click here to see photos from the program.


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