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The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition

2020 ESU National shakespeare competition: Kansas City branch

A Letter from our ESU Kansas City
Shakespeare Competition Coordinator

Dear Teachers,

It is with pleasure that we invite Kansas City area teachers and students to participate in the 36th annual Shakespeare Competition! We welcome those who have entered over the years as well as new schools who are planning to participate during the 2019-2020 academic year. The competition is truly a performance-based educational experience which annually includes over 22,000 students from over 1,000 schools across the United States. To date, the ESU National Shakespeare Competition has served more than 347,000 students representing 55+ ESU branches from across the nation.

By now, you should all have received our postcard which includes some of the details and most of our excitement—at least as much as we could house on a postcard! Below you will find links to the comprehensive handbooks provided by our national office in New York. You will find monologue and sonnet choices, rules of the competition, judging paradigms and much more. The stages of the competition are made clear in the handbook, from in-school competition to branch competition to the national competition. Dates to note:

January 17/18, 2020- School Participation Form due as well as $40.00 entry fee per school. Please make check payable to English-Speaking Union/KC and mail to Deborah McArdle, 9815 State Line Road, Kansas City, MO 64114.

January 31, 2020- School Winner form due

February 16, 2020- Kansas City branch annual competition, Sunday, 2:30 PM at The Plaza Library, 4801 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64112

The competition committee and I look forward to working with our veteran and with our new schools this year. The competition will be intense as is always the case; students are quite well prepared by their teachers with stirring monologues and poignant sonnets. Be a part of the best Sunday afternoon of the year!

Please contact me with any questions.

Very best regards,

Deborah McArdle
English-Speaking Union
Vice President
Shakespeare Competition Coordinator
Kansas City Branch
Mobile: (913) 492-8753
Email: dhmc2@att.net


2020 School Participation Form
2020 School Winner Entry Form (Coming soon!)

Monologue and Sonnet Packets

2020 Monologue Packet
2020 Sonnet Packet


2020 Student Handbook
2020 Teacher Handbook
2020 Judge Handbook
2020 Branch Handbook


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