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National Shakespeare Competition

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The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition assists high school teachers across the country with their Shakespeare and language arts curriculum. Through the competition, students are encouraged to develop their communication skills and an appreciation of the power of language and literature. 

2017 ESU Kansas City Branch Shakespeare Competition

We invite all schools serving Grades 9-12 in our area to participate in the 2017 Shakespeare Competition. In this program, high school students nationwide read, analyze, perform and recite Shakespearean monologues and sonnets in as many as three qualifying stages: school, community (ESU Branch) and national levels.

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Program Registration (by 1/20/2017):  Sign-up your school with the ESU Kansas City Branch.  To register, please complete the Kansas City Branch School Participation Form.  Note: You are not guaranteed participation in the program this year unless you sign-up your school.  The School Registration fee is $40.00.

School Competition (by 2/10/2017):  Hold an in-school Shakespeare competition (where students each perform a monologue from Shakespeare's plays). Select one student to represent your school at the community (ESU Branch) competition.  Note:  Monologues can be no longer than twenty lines according to the Folger Shakespeare Library editions of the plays (Simon & Schuster, 2003-2013).  The Folger texts are available for free at www.folgerdigitaltexts.org. 

Next Steps:  Upon completion of your school competition, your school must complete and return the School Winner Entry Form and Photo Release Form with your school winner's information to the ESU Kansas City Branch Shakespeare Coordinator (contact details at right).
Deadline: February 10, 2017.

Branch Competition (2/19/2017):  The winner of your school competition presents one of Shakespeare's sonnets (in addition to their monologue) at this community event.

The ESU Kansas City Branch (community) competition is scheduled for 2/19/2017 at:

Kansas City Public Library
Plaza Branch
Truman Forum Auditorium
4801 Main St.
Kansas City, MO 64112

National Competition (April 2017):  The winner of the ESU Kansas City Branch (community) Shakespeare Competition advances to the National Competition in New York City (tentatively scheduled for April 23-25).

Questions?  Please contact the ESU Kansas City Branch Shakespeare Coordinator (contact details at right).