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The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition

ESU Kansas City Branch 2022 Shakespeare Competition

Will take place on February 20, 2022 at 2:00 PM. Location to be announced.

School Registration Deadline: 1/24/22

School Winner Form Deadline: 2/7/22 

The ESU National Shakespeare Competition has been recognized by the Globe Center (USA), the Children's Theatre Foundation of America and the American Academy of Achievement. Many distinguished judges have served on the Competition panels. It is the only national Shakespeare competition in the U.S. and the only such program exclusively for high school students.


2022 School Participation Form
2022 School Winner Entry Form 

Monologue and Sonnet Packets

2022 Monologue Packet
2022 Sonnet Packet


2022 Student Handbook
2022 Teacher Handbook
2022 Judge Handbook
2022 Branch Handbook


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