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      The English-Speaking Union is          Committed to Supporting Immigrants             from Around the World

For nearly a century, the English-Speaking Union has employed English as a catalyst to foster global understanding and good will through educational opportunities and cultural exchange programs.

In today's shrinking world dominated by dollars and digits, unprecedented migration and bloody national borders, the ESU remains committed to improving the lives of new immigrants to the United States.

Since 2013, nearly 1,000 recent immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers from 66 different countries have been welcomed as members of the English-Speaking Union Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center. The Center provides a welcoming environment, resources and information to help immigrants improve their English to explore work and study opportunities, network, pursue citizenship, and acquire cultural fluency in order to participate fully in American society.

In addition, English in Action, one of ESU's oldest educational programs founded in 1976, helps immigrant newcomers to the United States gain fluency and confidence in conversational English by pairing them with volunteer tutors for weekly conversation sessions. In addition to practicing the language without the fear of making mistakes, English in Action students learn about life in this country and teach their conversation partners about their own languages, lands and customs. In 2016 alone, English in Action engaged over 446 tutors donating 28,000 volunteer hours in helping 688 immigrant students of all ages assimilate in American culture and language at ESU Branches all over the U.S.

The English-Speaking Union supports a strong immigrant population in the U.S. as one of our country's core values. The ESU is committed to continue to provide valuable educational programs focused on supporting immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

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