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British Universities Summer School

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The British University Summer School Scholarships provide high school teachers with dynamic continuing education through summer study at prestigious British centers of learning – Oxford University, Shakespeare's Globe in London and Edinburgh University.  BUSS teachers return to their classrooms revitalized and inspired to apply their new teaching strategies, knowledge and international perspective.


Summer Study Scholarships in Britain

The Kentucky Branch of The English-Speaking Union will award a limited number of scholarships to qualified Kentucky college students and Kentucky middle and high school teachers for courses offered at institutions in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2016. Scholarship awards will include tuition, lodging and two meals daily for three-week courses at the institutions chosen by the scholarship winners. Scholarships also include one week's lodging in London and a cash allowance which may or may not cover the costs of travel and incidentals, (in 2015, the allowance was $1,800).

Scholarship awards are made by the Kentucky Branch's Scholarship Committee after reviews of information submitted by the applicants and interviews with the finalists.

The institutions named below have websites which describe the courses offered. Click here to view related web links. Not all the institutions have updated their websites for the summer of 2016, but often the institutions offer similar courses from year to year, so the courses taught in 2016 will likely resemble those taught in 2015. Therefore, your study choices and preliminary essays can be based upon what is now on the web.

Student Scholarships: Student scholarships will be awarded for studies in English Literature, History and Social Sciences at Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh University for the summer of 2016.  All students must be at least a junior with one year to complete at their home institution as an undergraduate after they return from the aforementioned British University of their choice.

College students must submit their applications through their college representatives. Click Here to view contact information of college representatives. Each participating university holds internal competitions to select no more than two students to send to the state-level competition. Every campus sets its own internal deadline, but the applications for the state-level competition must be received by November 20, 2015 by the Branch Scholarship Coordinator, whose address is below.

Student Application Form: Click Here

Teacher Scholarships: Teacher scholarships will be awarded for studies in English Literature, History and Social Sciences at Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh University and the Shakespeare's New Globe Theatre in London for the summer of 2016. All teachers applying for this scholarship must have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. Teacher applications must be submitted by November 20, 2015 to the Branch Scholarship Coordinator, below.

Teacher Application Form: Click Here

All completed applications for Students and Teachers are to be submitted to:

Emil Jeffers
Branch Scholarship Coordinator
4230 Lynnbrook Drive
Louisville, KY 40220


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