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The 24th Annual ESU/Shakespeare Competition

(l to r) Mylon Joseph Cox, Alex Francke, Courtney Calmiese

The 24th Annual Kentucky Shakespeare Competition was held on March 1 at Bellarmine Univeristy. 

Judges were:

Matt Wallace, Producing Artistic Director, Kentucky Shakespeare

Kathi E. B. Ellis, Director, Josephine Summerstage

Dr. Chuck Hatton, Bellarmine University Professor of English 

Dr. John Gatton, Bellarmine University Professor of English                                

Keith McGill, Actor, teaching artist, stand-up comedian

The winners were:

1st Place - Mylon Joseph Cox, Youth Performing Arts High School, Georgette Kleier, teacher

2nd Place - Alex Francke, School of Creative and Performing Arts, Paul Thomas, teacher

3rd Place - Courtney Calmiese, Atherton High School, Andy Perry, teacher


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