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"An evening both beautiful and educational" was the way in which one ESU member described our November 6th meeting at the George C. Marshall Museum. Dr. Havers, president of the Marshall Foundation, spoke on the relationship between Marshall and Churchill. He also spoke of future plans for the Foundation.

Following Dr. Havers remarks, members had a chance to explore the Museum and its many fascinating artifacts and memorabilia from General Marshall's time as Army Chief of Staff during World War II, President of the American Red Cross, and Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. Among the items which members found particularly interesting were: a WWII Era Jeep;the Enigma machine;the illuminated map of World War II; and Marshall's desk.

There was much to see about The European Recovery Plan, better known as the Marshall Plan. Among the posters illuminating Marshall's later year is the Nobel Prize Medal for Peace, awarded to Marshall in 1953. 


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