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Message from the New York Branch

Dear Fellow New York Branch Members,

The dog days of summer have descended over New York; a number of Branch member lifelong learners have returned from their one-week ESU TLab programs in Stratford-upon-Avon and Worcester College at the University of Oxford, our Branch TLab Scholars, Konstantina Tsiokris and Kelly Brady have returned from their study programs at Shakespeare's Globe in London, and, with the fall right around the corner, a new season of programming is in the offing for the ESU New York Branch. On tap are gatherings, open to all, of the Branch Mystery Book Club as well as readings and staged reading of famous plays under the auspices of the ESU Players.

In addition, the Branch is sponsoring or co-sponsoring three fascinating talks, one each in September, October, and November.  In September, noted art historian Genista Davidson will deliver a talk on Art Deco in Great Britain. At the end of October, the ESU New York Branch is partnering with the Royal Oak Foundation on a talk by Phil Reed, OBE on Churchill and the Cabinet War Rooms at The General Society Library on West 44th Street.  A week later, Peter Gilliver, who is on the faculty of the ESU TLab Program at Oxford's Worcester College, will deliver a talk on The Making of the Oxford English Dictionary.  Gilliver has been an editor of the OED for some time.

We are also working the Amateur Comedy Club to set up a theater evening in late October. In early December, we are planning a collaboration with the Helicon Foundation on a Chamber Concert featuring works of British composers. We also hold our long anticipated Yuletide Party, and Louise Muse is cooking up a wonderful panto for the occasion. 

-The New York Branch


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