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Middle School Debate

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The 9th annual ESU Middle School Debate was held on March 7, 2017 at the Sandhills Community College.  Six Moore County, NC middle schools competed in the event arguing the pros & cons of Resolved:  The Electoral College should be eliminated.  Over 115 middle school students took part in this competition as debaters, timekeepers and alternates.  All the teams came prepared to support or refute the assigned topic which was determined by a flip of a coin. Winners are decided based on speaker points, which are awarded on each team's ability to enunciate, present evidence, and refute the opposing teams arguments.  The forty (40) judges consisted of a mix of ESU members, retired professionals and Pinecrest Debate team members.  The Moore County Middle School Debates are sponsored by the Sandhills Branch and chaired by Sally Bold Frick.  The day long competition is made possible by the generous support of the ESU members.