About Us & Activities

International Affairs Discussion Group

The ESU-Sandhills International Affairs Discussion Group consists of Branch members who are interested in learning more about current International Affairs and American Foreign Policy. Members select the topics to be discussed, the meeting dates, frequency, locations, and format.  We agree to read some limited common material on each topic beforehand to lay the basis for discussion.  Our intention is to promote an intelligent, informed, and non-partisan conversation to benefit our individual members during these turbulent times. Participants include people with experience in business, military, academic, educational, philanthropic, artistic, profit and non-profit, and various other backgrounds. The group meets about every 6 to 8 weeks in the Boardroom at the Pinehurst Members Club.

Some of our past topics have included:

  • Lessons from America's Misadventures in the Middle East
  • Russian Foreign Policy under Putin and its Meaning for the US and NATO
  • American and European relations with Russia
  • New Realities and Trends in European Politics
  • Terrorism and Political Instability in Africa.

In the future we will be discussing topics relating to global economic instability and trade. For more information please contact Tom Holleman, 910 688 3435 or holleport@yahoo.com