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Rick Bragg’s Program - an overwhelming success!!

The 2018 - 2019 English Speaking Union Program started off with a packed house to hear Rick Bragg, noted author and Pulitzer Prize winner, captivate us with personal stories and how they influenced his writing.

Wow, he was terrific!  He blended humor with his home spun stories that captivated everyone.  His colorful story telling took us back to the his youth in rural Alabama, then brought us forward, with a smile,  to his professional life today and the values developed along the way.    We were engaged as soon as he smiled and pulled his hair back.  We felt a part of his stories, many caused us to pause and look at the working class folks we knew or were part of us.

While Bill Berger is a great host … turns out his wife Bonnie is even better.  She set the stage for what was a wonderful evening listening to Rick Bragg.  Gosh … she might have set the trend as next month we will hear from Dolly Madison, is she going to upstage her husband the president.

It is clear already we are going to have a good year .. with a lot of fun along the way.


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