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Board Resolutions Regarding Monthly Receptions

Our Branch Treasurer, Bob Milnor, has noted in several monthly reports to the board that for some time income from the monthly receptions has fallen, in large part due to the number of individuals who attend but don't pay. To at least make a start in correcting this, the board has passed two resolutions regarding attendance at receptions. These resolutions will be in effect beginning July 1, 2017.

Members 90 Years of Age and Older

Those who have reached their 90th birthday (congratulations!) will now be charged half price ($10) to attend monthly receptions. This does not apply to spouses, partners, guests (unless they are also at least 90) or to other events, such as the Summer Garden Party or Speaker Dinners.

First Time Guests

The purpose of allowing a guest to attend a monthly reception for free is solely to recruit new Branch members. Members are allowed to bring a guest who may reasonably be expected to become a member one time only for free. Previous guests, children, out-of-town relatives, or anyone who is not being actively recruited as a potential Seattle ESU Branch member must pay $20. If you have a question on whether a potential guest qualifies for free admittance, please contact me, or any other Board Member.

--Bill Maschmeier, President; ESU Seattle Branch


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