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Liz Bagshaw died on December 6, 2017, just one week after being diagnosed with a severe illness. She is survived by four children: Margaret, Paul, Michelle, and Ann. Sympathy notes may be sent to a special email account setup for the purpose:

Liz was the kindest and the most sociable person many of us knew. That was one of the reasons she joined ESU, to meet people united by a worthy cause. She quickly made friends in the group, and became involved in many of the activities that keep the branch going. Liz was often the first person I that you saw upon coming through the door at special events and receptions, as she was frequently the receptionist and toll-taker. She was also active in the Seattle Opera Guild, in which she held the positions of V.P. of Nominating and Chair of the Bellini Preview Group.

Liz had a wonderful memory for faces, names, backgrounds and interests of people she met, and she could often be relied upon to fill us in on any person we wished to know more about. She loved nature ("Look at the cloud!" "What a beautiful sunset!"), and Nature was kind to her: she died a quick and painless death. Liz Bagshaw will be sorely missed by everybody who knew her, and particularly by those who loved her and had the great fortune to be her friend.
-Marina Tarlinskaya


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