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The January reception at Eli's proved to be a successful experiment in holding a mid-day event, and this will probably be repeated next year; the change of time during our darkest months may even be extended to November and February to accommodate those disinclined to drive at night.

Now that we have returned for this year to our evening reception schedule, the Branch would still like to encourage all members (and their guests) to attend our monthly receptions whenever possible, as these are the principal venues for getting to know each other and supporting our general operations. To that end the Board is setting up a Ride Share Referral Service, to be generously coordinated by former Board President, Jerry Rockhold. Jerry has agreed to be a point of contact for those who either need a ride to a specific reception or are willing to provide one.

AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR to an ESU event, please call or email Jerry with the following information:
IF YOU WILL NEED A RIDE—please give your name, address, phone number, email address, and the time you would like to be picked up, as well as any mobility aids which will accompany you (e.g., wheelchair, walker).
IF YOU CAN OFFER A RIDE—please give your name, address, phone number, email address, and the geographic area in which you are willing and able to pick someone up (e.g., zip code(s), or general area (Bellevue, North Seattle)).
Jerry's contact information is: Phone (206)522-7186
Jerry will then try to coordinate those needing rides with those offering rides, and will respond to both potential riders and drivers as to the availability of or need for rides. While there can be NO GUARANTEES, this will at least be a step toward making it possible for members to attend our functions who might not normally be able to do so. We will let you know the success of these efforts in future newsletters.


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