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Established in 1948, The Syracuse Branch of the English-Speaking Union is a very active group. Our programs reflect our members who are spirited, thoughtful and concerned about intercultural and international communications. They share a genuine interest in people and community affairs. The Syracuse Branch meets the second Saturday of each month - September through May - at a private club.

News And Events

Simon Moody at February Luncheon

Simon Moody, award winning actor, was featured speaker at the Syracuse Branch of the English-Speaking Union luncheon  on Saturday February 9, 2019,  Carl Borning, who arranged for Mr. Moody to speak, introduced him.  Simon Moody has graced Central New York Stages in hundreds of plays over the past 23 years.                   Simon Moody with Carl Boning
Mr. Moody spoke on the topic "Shakespeare's  Language: Then and Now." 

He compared the sound of English in Shakespeare's time to what we hear in contemporary theater and acted out several examples that showed those distinctive differences.

This meeting was also a successful fund-raiser for the Syracuse Branch's 30th              Simon Moody Reciting                annual Shakespeare 


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Everson Museum Director, Elizabeth Dunbar is Speaker at January Luncheon

Elizabeth Dunbar, Executive Director of the Everson Museum of Art,was the E-SU of Syracuse's featured speaker at its luncheon on January 12, 2019, Marjorie Julian, who had arranged for Ms Dunbar to speak, introduced her.

The Everson Museum building, renowned as the first museum designed by the famous international architect I.M. Pei, is celebrating its 50th    Anniversary.  Ms Dunbar presented information and slides of the museum's illustrious history before and after the construction of the I.M. Pei  building.  She also described and showed important recent repairs and renovations as well as the many exhibits and community out-reach programs offered by the museum.


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Syracuse 70th Anniversary

The Syracuse Branch of the English-Speaking Union held their 70th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, May 12. 2018 at
Bellevue Country Club in Syracuse.


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Monthly Luncheons and Programs

See a list of the 2018-2019 Syracuse ESU events by clicking here. 


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