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2016 National Shakespeare Competition


  • Participating schools that have 1-15 students performing in their competition may select one winner to send to the regional competition at the University of Arizona.  Schools that have sixteen or more students participating may send the first and second place winner to the regional competition.  No more than two students from each school will be eligible to participate in the regional competition at the U. of A. 
  • Student monologues should be prepared in the proper format at the high school competition. The Official Folger source for lines and the format for line submission can be found below
  •  ESU observers should be given a program or list of students, the play, character and first and last lines to be performed. We hope to go home with the names of winners, but must be notified by no later than 3 days from the competition.   
  • All school winners should select and prepare to recite a Shakespeare Sonnet.  In the case of a tie, students will be asked to recite their sonnet at the regional competition at the University of Arizona.  The winner of the Tucson competition must submit his/her sonnet choice on the day of the U of A competition, and will be expected to recite a sonnet in addition to the monologue when he/she competes at the national level in New York.
  • On Feb 20th we will be using Excel's random number generator for order of appearance for the competition at the University of Arizona. We will email this information so students will not be surprised the day of the competition.  
  • The competition will take place at the U. of A., March 5.
  • All communication and forms must be sent to Competition Coordinator Sherry Weiss:

    6611 Circulo Otono
    Tucson, AZ 85750

  • The names of the teacher, school winners and, runners-up, (as you would like to see them written on the program), as well as the student monologue lines in proper format must be emailed to Kerry Demers and Jerry Helm within three days of your competition

Kerry Demers
(520) 795-4855; Cell (520) 465-3690

Jerry Helm
 jaynkay1422@gmail.com   (520) 975-2437

  • Download Shakespeare Competition School Winner Entry Form: Click Here
  • Download Student Line Form for all competitions: Click Here
  • Download photo release and parent form from Tucson Branch: Click Here
  • Download Tucson Branch Judge Sheet 2015: Click Here
  • Download Tucson Monologue Rubric: Click Here
  • Folger Library Digital Texts: Click Here

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