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November 14, 2019

Dear Fellow Branch Members

Here are a few items of Branch activities that may be of interest to you.

  • On October 29, Fay Selvage chaired a Member meeting at the downtown Capital City Club to honor our esteemed Branch Chairman Emeritus, Manning Pattillo's 100th birthday. We heard an interesting talk by Oglethorpe's Director of International Studies that included our Branch commitment to the Dr. Manning Pattillo, Jr. Oglethorpe Scholarship. The Branch Grant's Committee – David Robichaud and Steven Zarzeka - are handling the details.
  • Those who attended our Member meeting on Nov. 11 were treated to a very interesting talk by our past Board Chairman, Wesley Devoto. Wesley spoke very knowledgably about the British PM, Boris Johnson. One of the comments that I found very interesting was Boris' brilliant academic record. He says some stupid things at times, but he is very smart. It will be interesting to see how the Dec. 12 election goes in Great Britain and the next steps for Brexit.
  • Don Pattillo and I attended the ESUUS Annual General Meeting in DC the first of this month. This AGM was better managed than any that I have attended, and both of us came away with an appreciation that the U.S. organization is headed in the right direction. A representative of Ogis, the consulting firm hired to help identify and plot a long-term plan for our organization, gave a great presentation. I think that we will be able in time to see most of it on our website. There are still many steps to be taken to get to where we want to be. Unfortunately, there the Revised Strategic Plan was not presented. I am hopeful that it will be available soon. We also found that much of the work done before and during the AGM was Branch organized and Branch specific, rather than NY Office driven. This I think is a good sign.
  • There still are a few who have not paid their annual dues. Our Membership Chair, George Parson, has or will be following up with you. Our normal cut-off for our e-Mail list is the end of the year. I also should point out that our Member listing at the end of the year will be the basis for our 2019-2020 Directory that Don Pattillo will handle. Our plan for the updated Directory is to add the e-Mail address for each Member where possible.
  • Invitations to our Christmas Party will be forthcoming shortly. The Munsons have once again graciously agreed to host the party. It will be held on Saturday, December 14, from 5:30 – 7:30. This is a must attend event.
  • Diane and Randy Brannen, our Shakespeare Competition Co-Chairs, announced this week that the registration of school participants has maxed out.  The competition will be held as usual at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse on Peachtree Sunday, February 23 1 PM. It is a real treat to see the high school students perform.
  • We will host our Evelyn Wrench speaker, Elizabeth St.John, on Friday, February 7. Time and location TBD. Ms. St. John will deliver a talk on "The Lady in the Tower" a history of people, including her family, who lived in the Tower of London.  (I assume voluntarily.)
  • Lastly, let me remind everyone when I agreed to fill the Branch president's vacancy first of September, it was to be on an interim basis until a permanent president is selected. Please let Jean Morris, the Branch Nominating Committee Chair, know of your interest. I would love for someone to step up. This interim position should be "interim".

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Maddrey, Branch President



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