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Dear Members of the Atlanta Branch,

I am writing to update you on the changes and plans for our Branch as we move through this fiscal year. Our elected president, Pace Huff, resigned in early July due to pressing business matters. At the end of August, I was elected president of the Branch.  I offered to serve until such time as an acceptable permanent replacement is nominated. However long I serve, please be assured that I will not be a place holder and that I will give all of the attention and effort that the position requires.

In early September, Cherry Peurifoy resigned as Branch Chairperson. The Branch appreciates her efforts to bridge the gap between Branch presidents. On September 13 Joe McLure was elected Branch Chairman. Joe has served the Branch faithfully for many years as a Board Member and as an active Branch Member.

All of our Branch Board committee chairs have been filled by willing and able Branch Members, and they are hard at work. Our Program Chair, Fay Selvage, has an interesting schedule of Member meetings. I call your attention especially to the October 29 luncheon at the downtown Capital City Club where we will honor our Chairman Emeritus Dr. Manning Pattillo on his 100th birthday.

We had a very interesting "Meet & Greet" meeting at St. Philips on Sep. 5.  It was a great time to meet new Members and to renew friendships. Our Branch had an increase in membership this past year.

Please remember to pay your dues for the year. I also urge you to consider becoming a National Patron and/or a Contributor. The Branch operating budget depends on your support.

I have been on several national working groups, and I am very encouraged by the efforts of our national organization to get more Branch involvement. As we move into our Centennial year, the ESU is headed in the right direction.

Kind regards,

Charles Maddrey, President
Branch President


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