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Afternoon Tea and a Champagne Reception

Our annual Spring event this year features two honored guests from National: Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill CBE, National Chairman; and Ms. Karen Karpowich, Interim Executive Director. Following his remarks, Dr. Beresford-Hill will offer a toast to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her 93rd birthday.

Ms. Karpowich will provide updates on a variety of national ESU programs as well as the future direction
of the ESU. She will also provide her thoughts on the present state of National's relationship with its
branches and how she sees the relationship evolving in future years.

Maggie Monaghan, Boston Branch Winner of the 2019 National High School Shakespeare Competition will
perform her award-winning monologue and sonnet and will offer reflections on her experience participating in
the National competition at Lincoln Center.

Anthony Polito, Law School professor at Suffolk University will provide comments on the 200th birthday of
Queen Victoria and her legacy for today's monarchy.


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The Prodigal Tongue

Description: Lynne Murphy explores the special relationship (and sibling rivalry) between English on both sides of the Atlantic. As an American linguist teaching in England, she is in a unique position to analyze the ever-evolving English language and unravel the prejudices, stereotypes, and insecurities that shape our attitudes toward it.

Following Prof. Murphy's talk there will be a reception and book signing.

Fee: $15

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2018-19 Shakespeare Competition

Maggie Monaughan, winner of the National High School Shakespeare Competion holding her certificate.  

Students showing off their skills at the recent High Scool Shakespeare Competition. 


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Jefferson's Daughters

Description: Thomas Jefferson is among the most famous of America's Founding Fathers, but it is easy to forget that he was an actual father to three daughters: Martha and Maria, by his wife Martha Wayles Jefferson, and Harriet by his slave Sally Hemings. This talk will explore the different life paths the sisters chose, to see both the possibilities and the limitations for women and people of color as a result of the American Revolution. Their stories help us
to understand issues of race and gender in our own day, and to reflect on the personal and political legacy of one of our most fascinating Founders.

Fee: $30. Pay online by clicking here

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Holiday Party Pictures


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The English-Speaking Union

Boston Branch

Boston Branch Landmark Photo

Welcome to the ESU

The ESU celebrates English as a shared language to foster global understanding and good will by providing educational and cultural opportunities for students, educators, and members.

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