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TLab: Travel and Learn Abroad

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Study Abroad. Return Inspired!

Teachers, educators, lifelong learners:  Study in the UK and have an unforgettable educational experience!

Our English-Speaking Union-TLab programs will transport you to the famed campuses of England and Scotland where you will attend real classes with top professors at the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, Shakespeare's Globe Theater and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Applicants Eligible for Scholarships


Central Florida Branch Scholarship Award:

 $7,000 to each recipient.

 Dues for one (1) full year of membership to ESU Central Florida Branch.

Who is Eligible?

Current Educators in the tri-county area of Central Florida:

 Orange County  Osceola County  Seminole County  Educators with FOUR (4) FULL YEARS of FULL-TIME teaching experience completed in one (1) of the areas in which the scholarship is offered:  English  Humanities  Drama  History/Social Studies

ESU Conditions of Award:

 Applicants MUST have completed at least four (4) years of full-time teaching in one of the areas in which the scholarships are offered.

 Applicants MUST INTEND to remain in the classroom for at least three years here in Central Florida following their summer study.

 ABSOLUTELY NO friends, family members, children of any age, or pets are permitted to accompany you during any part of this high-level, residential, academic program. *Except in the case of disabilities where a service dog or an assistant are medically necessary.

 Applicants MUST have or be able to attain a valid US passport for travel and a visa may be required.

 Applicants MUST not only be a student, but also act as an ambassador for the United States of America, the English-Speaking Union and the teaching profession.

 Drey Scholars MUST sign a legally binding contract with the ESU Central Florida Branch wherein the scholar shall repay the entire scholarship amount if for any reason the terms of the contract are unfulfilled.

 Drey Scholars MUST complete the program's academic work in its entirety and receive a Certificate of Completion from the chosen program.

 Drey Scholars MUST submit the original Certificate of Completion along with a personal reflection highlighting the experience. *These reflections may be published in the Branch's Newsletters.

 All applicants selected as Drey Scholars MUST attend an award reception on Sunday afternoon, February 5, 2023 (time TBD).

 All applicants selected as Drey Scholars MUST attend a mandatory ESU Central Florida Branch meeting, date TBD, to offer an 8-10 minute presentation on the experience.

 All applicants selected as Drey Scholars MUST become an active member in the ESU Central Florida Branch with membership for the 2023/2024 year to be paid by the Central Florida Branch in addition to the scholarship itself.

 Drey Scholars attending the "Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance" at Shakespeare's Globe in London the summer of 2023 MUST participate in the ESU Central Florida Branch National Shakespeare Competition in February (exact date TBD).

 In case of an unforeseen event, e.g., a birth, accident, illness or death in the family which prevents the Drey Scholar from fully participating in the program, the Scholarship Committee will review the situation and may permit the scholar to postpone participation for up to two years.

How To Apply:


2.Complete the 2023 TLab Scholarship Application and submit by 11:59 PM on January 3, 2023.

NOTE: Candidates MAY be invited to be interviewed on January 21, 2023.

Programs Eligible for Scholarships

The ESU Central Florida Branch will award scholarships to secondary school teachers of English, humanities and/or social studies to engage in one of our two to three week courses with the following TLab programs:

Shakespeare's Globe—London (July 2023)
Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance

University of Oxford (July & August 2023)
English Literature
History, Politics and Society 
Creative Writing 
International Politics 

University of Edinburgh (July & August 2023)
Text and Context: Modernism, Scottish Literature, and Contemporary Literature
Creative Writing
Theatre and Performance

Scholarships of $7,000 will cover airfare, tuition, residence, board, and some incidental expenses.
1 Week Programs Not Eligible for Scholarship:

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust—
Stratford-upon-Avon (July 2023)
From Page to Stage: Text to Theater

The Oxford Experience
Christ Church, University of Oxford (July 2023)
Selection of Courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences including archaeology, history, literature, philosophy history of art and creative writing.


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