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Drey Scholars’ Report Program

Our six Drey Scholars entertained an audience of captive ESU members as they reported on their summer adventures. Not only did their travels take them in three different directions, but their presentation styles followed suit as well.

A moment of "Story Swosh" audience participation during the Globe Scholars' Report given by Tara Whitman and Jennifer Bennett

J. Marie Bailey and Jeff Cook introduce their report on Edinburgh's Fringe Festival.

Ranging from lecture format to active audience participation, the information delivery was varied and uniquely fitting for the programs each set of scholars attended. In fact, the audience experience was heightened to a gloriously immersive peak when J.Marie Bailey and Jeff Cook stepped out of the audience in Scottish character to begin their report on their attendance to Edinburgh's Fringe Festival through Scottish Universities International Summer School. By the end of the program, it was clearly obvious that these scholars had been fundamentally changed and inspired by receiving their Drey Scholarships and the transformative adventure which accompanied it.

From Left: Jennifer Bennett, Tara Whitman, J. Marie Bailey, Jeff Cook, Rick Rodriguez, Curt Dedge


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