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2022 ESU Gala

The Charlottesville Branch Gala had it all.

It began with a champagne reception with a series of pictures of Queen Elizabeth, from birth to her passing, scrolling on a large screen. President Williams' opening remarks included a solemn tribute to perhaps the greatest monarch in history. Moving testimonials were read from the national runner up for the Shakespeare competition, as well as from the winner of the TLAB Scholarship. In connection with this scholarship, President Williams announced a $100,000.00  gift from Judith and Robert Smith to support this Program. Perennial Branch Angel, Lady Blanka Rosenstiel was thanked for her $3,000.00 unrestricted gift to the branch. Charles III and President Biden were both toasted. A blessing was offered, the National Anthem sung, followed by President Williams' now annual humorous grammar lesson. Dinner was served and followed by an extraordinary presentation by Professor Mark Metcalf centered on China – a clear and present danger to Western Civilization. Our guests were beautifully turned out. It was an exciting, educational, and memorable opening for this year programs.

Thank you branch photographer Skye O'Donnell for this wonderful collection of pictures which captured the pleasure members took in coming together for the fall Kick-Off event.


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